Integrated Content Management

Content Management Systems

CHALLENGE: Provide a secure mechanism for the media industry professionals to share, transfer and collaborate on large data. Typically Hollywood production shoots in resolutions as high as 5K and up. This produce’s very large files that not only need to be media managed, but also moved across large networks to the appropriate team members.

SOLUTION: VLab, a product originally developed by Splice to support the media and entertainment industry, was customized to meet the Navy's requirement as a proof-of-concept and prototype. VLab is a hybrid cloud solution that offered the Naval Undersea Warfare Center access to mass storage pools as well as front end streaming access of its productions content, using a combination of open source libraries and databases to create custom middleware and provide a unique front-end experience to multiple levels of users ranging from administrator levels to enterprise customers.

SOLUTION: A web service application that is administered and offered as a service from Spice Media. The service is offered out to all clients participating in projects as individuals and or as teams.