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Splice applies creative technologies to media driven projects. Focusing on integration of open source architectures and end user applications. With the increasing need for clients to work remotely, in collaborative frameworks, we architect collaborative software and hardware solutions that enable community workflows in real-time applications. With over 10 years of experience it is a natural fit for us to apply our strategies to media driven projects - content management systems, cloud, subscription, mobile, streaming and collaborative services.



Technology is fun. Technology is creative. Often enterprise the large scale frameworks and infrastructure overhead can seem overwhelming. This is where Splice will help your business in evaluating and choosing the right technology direction. Whether is be designing your next cloud infrastructure or front-end applications. Our development process starts with rapid prototyping of modern technical approaches focused on your business goals and a future growth.


Often user interaction is overlooked at the early stages or a project. We take the opposite approach. User experience is everything so our design team is part of the first steps.

Real-Time Web

As we see technology like WebRTC and popularizing in event-driven models like Node.js we bring real-time focus to our apps. We aim to make all apps going into the future modeled to support the future of web and streaming data.


Today mobile and web apps are fully developed systems allowing more flexibility for your company to grow and work together. Increasing collaboration, examining business analytics, and keeping social.

IT Consulting

Applications need to integrate with one another seamless. Our consulting will help you design and develop the most cost effective and future proof solutions.


AWS, Azure, OpeneShift, Google, or a hybrid? Splice has been developing on all the major cloud platforms. We offer hosted solutions to ease your application management

Media Systems

Multimedia brings large files, the need for massive storage and fast file transfers. Splice offers a suite of media management solutions that keep your data safe and accessible.



What’s in an app?

It was only a few years ago when a developer friend of mine stood over my desk and yelled out “why do people keep using this word app”. My friend was...

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Tell us about your next great project. No matter if your just starting project or your project is already underway we would be delighted to help. Applications typically have a lot of moving parts. Whether it’s cloud architecture, media systems, or front end applications Splice will help you sort through each step and build a scalable solution for you and your team.


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